Virtual Events – Guideline


Work Space

In order to prevent stains, feel free to wear an old shirt and cover the table with a newspaper

Mixing Colors

Use a piece of cardboard to mix the colors on.

Cooling wine & glasses

Put the white wine in the fridge so it’s cool for the event. You need a wine glass and a glass of water for the brushes and colors.


Here is a classic playlist with Italian & French songs: Entkorkte Kunst Playlist


Wine Tasting

You will find three bottles of wine in the box. We will talk about the wine and experience the taste together.

Painting Session

No one needs to be afraid of painting. It’s easy! We will give a short introduction how to start and what techniques to use.


Yeahy! We are done painting and ready to present our paintings to the group!

Painting Styles

Dry Lines

Wait until each layer dries before adding the next one.

Brush Backside

As long as the color is still wet you can use the back of the brush to scratch lines. 

Wet paper

Use a wet paper towel to tap the color on the canvas

Use Water

Use water to play with the transparency of the color

Use your Finger

You can also tap color on the canvas by using your fingers.

Smooth Transitions

Make sure the layers of color are still wet so you can mix them while painting.

How do I Mix… ? Use the Color Wheel!